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"The Earth’s beauty did not change me, it revolutionised the way I look at things. By watching it closely, I came to understand the extremely subtle balance, or rather, the fragile mechanism we are the result of. Everything is alive and everything is linked. This heightened awareness leads to a particular individual and collective responsibility to stop the destruction of life and to share this ambition with as many people as possible. It is my conviction that each person can and should get involved, that we are all part of the solution and especially, that taking action makes you happy.”

Yann Arthus-Bertrand


The GoodPlanet Foundation’s mission is to educate and raise awareness amongst a large public in favour to protect and preserve the environment. It encourages a lifestyle that is more respectful for the Earth and its inhabitants. It proposes realistic and optimistic solutions, and encourages every individual to act in favour of the planet by supporting themselves on a series of programmes, which it is constantly developing and reinforcing to “place ecology at the core of our awareness.” Its universal message invites everybody to reflect on the evolution of the planet, on the future of its inhabitants and to get involved.



Yann Arthus-Bertrand founded GoodPlanet in 2005. It has been recognised as a public service Foundation in June 2009, which has allowed its activities to become a part of the history.


Informing the wider public about the environment and its issues:

Educating about sustainable development:

Raising public awareness through short video-clips:

Acting for development with participation from companies/enterprises: GoodPlanet Solidaire.

Actions and projects Implementation to fight against climate change: and